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After two years of growing hops and home brewing on site, today we made the decision to begin planning a brewery.

I know what you’re thinking… with 29 breweries in Central Oregon and four more slated for 2017, and with a new brewery/brewpub opening every day in this country… why do this?

Forget about the way most of us think when discussing breweries and beer. Let’s talk about a country like Germany or Belgium, where a small village may have a dozen breweries, all run by households. These exist for a few reasons: they make beer for family and friends to consume at meals and on holidays, and they most likely truly enjoy the art and task of brewing, much like a baker or chef. And I’m betting that the number of breweries two blocks down the street or 5 miles away doesn’t really matter.

So why not make just enough beer for family and friends (hopefully hundreds of them). And why not do it because you’re truly passionate about it, and because you’re joining a caring and creative bunch of misfits around the world. Both the hobby and profession are growing by leaps and bounds every year, and your friends will appreciate your authenticity, dedication to quality, and creativity.

Terrebonne currently has no breweries. Think anyone will complain if we start brewing up some awesomeness?