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This was the first of our listed government outreach tasks. We’ve actually found all individuals to be very responsive and helpful.

Caroline House is an Assistant Planner at Deschutes County Community Development, and today she provided us with property information needed to begin a draft of a Land Use Application. Used when applying for a Type 1 Home Occupation permit, we are following in the footsteps of Rat Hole Brewing southeast of Bend. This allows a business to operate on a residential property if it meets a long list of requirements. She recommended beginning the Land Use Application process immediately, as it can take more than six months to work through once submitted.

She also shared a document that describes in detail what is allowed in Exclusive Farm Use Zones, which is where our property resides.

After reviewing the documents she sent us, I had to specifically ask about brewing in an EFU zone. Part of this is because those government documents are slightly difficult to interpret. Hoping it would help, I shared this article on farmhouse brewing with her:

“… forward-thinking brewers are going so far as to build breweries on farmland, sourcing raw materials directly from their property…”
“And it’s all possible thanks to new laws in several states that have given farm-based microbreweries … the freedom to grow, produce, and serve beer on agricultural land, much like wineries”
“In Virginia, where legislation passed in 2014 giving new freedom to farm-based brewers, the movement is bubbling up around him. The bill, SB 430, created a special license for brewers to legally grow, brew, and live on agricultural land (that latter of which had been illegal up until that point).”