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Today we spoke with Jon Harrang at the ODA Food Safety Div in Redmond. His recommendations were as follows:

  1. Come up with a clear vision of what you want to do and then work to obtain land use approval for that through Deschutes County Community Development Dept.
  2. Decide if you will have any non-resident employees and/or a tasting room. That will dictate whether or not you need a dedicated restroom, or if the house toilet will suffice.
  3. If a tasting room is planned, and you are able to get approval to do that from DC-CDD, then that will affect the overall layout of the facility and a restroom would need to be incorporated into the plans.  Also, in that case you would need to get a septic authorization letter through the County.
  4. You indicated you are on a well. It needs to be tested at least annually for total coliforms/e.coli, with results kept on file at the firm.
  5. You stated that you hope to land-apply the liquid portion of the brewery waste.  You would need to talk to Larry Brown DEQ/Bend and also Matt Haynes of ODA’s fertilizer program to get approval for that.
  6. Finally, send me a drawing or set of plans showing “what will be where”.  It is best if we agree on the layout and are able to schedule a site visit before building occurs.