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On March 21st we created an account and profile on the TTB, or Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. When it comes to licensing the production of beer, no matter where or at what volume, this is where you start.

I love that it is an online application, and that you can save your work and resume at some later time. Because this bad boy is full of dozens of detailed questions regarding things such as:

  • Power of Attorney info
  • Provide a description of each tract of land that comprises the brewery by distance and directions
  • Describe brewery security to include; locks, access to the brewery and how un-taxpaid goods will be protected during and after business hours
  • Describe any air pollution control equipment used with incinerators

Today we started to tackle the application, and this has to be completed and submitted before we can submit the state version to the OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission).