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Let’s Talk Flooring – Cascade Floors Pays A Visit

Lately we have been relying heavily on referrals for everything from engineering and drains, to flooring and electrical work. It can be tough to find someone responsive, honest, and knowledgeable.

Cascade Floors - Barley Brown's Beer

The Cascade Floors crew working on Barley Brown’s in Baker City, Oregon

Paul at Wild Ride has been helpful in supplying contact information for companies he trusts to help build out a brewery. One of the first individuals he sent our way was Chris Klein at Cascade Floors, Inc. Chris even drove over from the valley in last week’s snowstorm to meet with us (and a few others in Central Oregon.)

He took a look at our brewhouse floor and we discussed the process for applying epoxy to a concrete slab as well as the quality and cost of different types of epoxy We also discussed our future plans for possible expansion, and he recommended a floor drain supplier and local construction company that he trusts.

Working directly with Chris may be months away, but meeting in person was a chance to get to know him and a little about his business. He will be one of the last people we work with in the process, but we have a feeling we’ll be sharing plenty of beer along the way.


“Hop farmers growing farmhouse brewery near Terrebonne” – The Bulletin

The Bulletin published a story in the business section of the paper yesterday. The reporter did a wonderful job of getting all of the details correct, and we appreciate the interest so early on in this project. You can read the original article here.

Hop farmers growing farmhouse brewery near Terrebonne

Good Earth still in development stage

By Joseph Ditzler, The Bulletin, @josefditzler

The next newest brewery in Central Oregon is still in the development stages but launching from an established base.

Good Earth Brewing LLC, a project of Clare Thompson, Natalie Hoshaw and Miles Wilhelm, is taking shape on an 18½-acre property on NE Smith Rock Way, east of Terrebonne, where Thompson and Hoshaw already grow hops on 1 acre. The 3-year-old Smith Rock Hop Farm LLC has produced Cascade and Centennial hops for Wild Ride Brewing in Redmond and Immersion Brewing and Worthy Brewing in Bend.

Good Earth Brewing - Terrebonne - Miles Wilhelm - The Bulletin - Joe KlineWilhelm, a hop grower and part-time brewer, is managing the project day-to-day for Thompson and Hoshaw, a midwife and an OB-GYN doctor, respectively, at St. Charles Center for Women’s Health, in Redmond. Katy Wilhelm, a labor and delivery nurse and Miles Wilhelm’s wife, also works there.

“I’ve guest-brewed but never worked on a system this size,” Miles Wilhelm said Wednesday. “Even though it’s a one-barrel system, we’ve plussed it up. A lot of big breweries get this system as a pilot system.”

The brewing system is one piece of the operation in place, or nearly in place. The brand-new, all-electric system from Ruby Street Brewing, of Fort Collins, Colorado, arrived at the site in November.

The owners have numerous bureaucratic and engineering hurdles to surmount before they turn out their first keg of beer.

Wilhelm has nearly finished an application to the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which regulates labeling and advertising of beer, which must be complete before Good Earth Brewing applies for a license to brew beer from the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. Thompson, who owns the property, will be head brewer, Wilhelm said.

The property is cleared for an on-site septic system to handle the wastewater coming from the future brewery, according to Deschutes County Community Development Department records online. Wilhelm said 90 percent of the wastewater will be applied to a compost pile, which ultimately is applied to the 900-plant hop farm.

The spent grain will feed the ducks, chickens and other animals on the farm, he said. The 800-square-foot brewery building needs an engineering review before work begins on the septic system, Wilhelm said.

The business also needs a land use permit from the county, and Wilhelm is using the permit application submitted by another nanobrewer, Rat Hole Brewing, as a model for the Good Earth application. Like the first Rat Hole brewery, Good Earth is located in an exclusive farm use zone.

Wilhelm said he hopes to see the brewery producing beer for sale by the third quarter. Plans are for keg sales, a bottle release club and, eventually, a tasting room.

Steve Anderson, owner of Kobold Brewing LLC, a 2½-barrel nanobrewer in Bend, is one of three local brewers Wilhelm said he turned to for advice. The way ahead will be tough, Anderson said Wednesday, but Good Earth can succeed if it proceeds carefully.

“It’s really tough to exist and be profitable with a small-batch brewing system,” he said. “If they have niche, there’s a shot it’s going to work.”

Wilhelm said Good Earth plans to produce styles not often found in Central Oregon, including barrel-aged saisons, kriek lambics, Belgian dark strong ales and Russian imperial stouts. The owners plan to start small and stay small with expansion at most to a 7-barrel brewing system, he said. He said they have no rent to pay so pressure to succeed immediately is nonexistent, leaving room to experiment.

“We don’t have in Central Oregon a farmhouse brewery, that I’m aware of,” Wilhelm said, “that can put the hops from 50 yards away right in the boil and make some farmhouse beer.”

— Reporter: 541-617-7815,

Good Earth Brewing Mentioned in the Oregon Beer Growler

Technically the first mention of Good Earth Brewing outside of our own promotion was Jon Abernathy’s The Brew Site.

A few weeks ago we were contacted by Dustin Gouker, writing for the Oregon Beer Growler. We got him up to speed on our progress and plans for 2017, including a few of the beer styles we plan to offer. He wrote up a nice paragraph in the January edition of OBG that included a photo of dad with the new brew system under the headline “What’s Brewing in 2017: Central Oregon.”

“Terrebonne’s First Brewery
Another brewery on tap for 2017 is Terrebonne’s Good Earth Brewing. On the site of Smith Rock Hop Farm, the brewery will use any hops the farm doesn’t sell in its own beers. Good Earth hopes to specialize in styles one wouldn’t normally see in the region: from barrel-aged saisons to kriek lambics.”

Oregon Beer Growler - Good Earth Brewing - Terrebonne Oregon

The Eagle…Has Landed!

Today the brew system was delivered to the farm. Dad was there to receive it, but kindly waited until I returned home from  Thanksgiving in Portland to un-box it.

Ruby Street Brewing out of Fort Collins, CO fabricated this beauty in just two short months. It came with all of the options, except a custom frame color. We had to draw the line somewhere!

  • The Digital Control Package offers temperature control of the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) and mash tun as well as ignition control for all 3 burners, and monitors kettle temps to within 0.5°
  • Four stainless steel 4500-5500 Watt heating elements
  • Three 50 gallon SAE 304 stainless steel kettles
  • 30 plate stainless wort chiller. Includes tri-clover wort connections with 3” dial outflow thermometer
  • 1/2″ x 50′ stainless HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) coil
  • Thu-wall mounted stainless steel whirlpool arm with ½” stainless steel ball valve and 1-1/2” stainless steel tri-clover fitting
  • Thru-wall return fittings mounted in HLT, mash tun, and Boil kettles
  • Side mounted thermometers on all three kettles
  • Full-height sight glasses mounted to both the HLT and the boil kettle
  • And for oxygenating our wort as it leaves the boil kettle and plate chiller, an inline oxygen stone with stainless tri-clover fittings and a regulator that attaches to a standard welding oxygen tank
  • All welded steel tube frame construction with industrial powder coated finish
  • Aaaaand… the entire thing is mobile!


Fermentor vs. Fermenter

SS Brewtech 1bbl FermentorA sizable contributing factor to beer flavor is the consistency of your fermentation temperature. Huge swings in either direction are not the type of party that yeast want to attend. So being able to dial in your internal temp, no matter what the external temp, is key.

Researching fermentation tanks has taken months (we actually started more than a year ago) and we are close to making a decision. Ss Brewtech offers these beautiful stainless steel 1bbl conical vessels that, although they are not jacketed for glycol, can have both a neoprene jacket applied and a chiller/heater kit attached. Along with a glycol system, we can pump glycol coolant through the internal chiller coil and fight both the external summer temps and the internal heat that active yeast produce.

ss-brewtech03We plan to order these closer to when we have the brewhouse insulated and the brew system tested.