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The Eagle…Has Landed!

Today the brew system was delivered to the farm. Dad was there to receive it, but kindly waited until I returned home from  Thanksgiving in Portland to un-box it.

Ruby Street Brewing out of Fort Collins, CO fabricated this beauty in just two short months. It came with all of the options, except a custom frame color. We had to draw the line somewhere!

  • The Digital Control Package offers temperature control of the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) and mash tun as well as ignition control for all 3 burners, and monitors kettle temps to within 0.5°
  • Four stainless steel 4500-5500 Watt heating elements
  • Three 50 gallon SAE 304 stainless steel kettles
  • 30 plate stainless wort chiller. Includes tri-clover wort connections with 3” dial outflow thermometer
  • 1/2″ x 50′ stainless HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) coil
  • Thu-wall mounted stainless steel whirlpool arm with ½” stainless steel ball valve and 1-1/2” stainless steel tri-clover fitting
  • Thru-wall return fittings mounted in HLT, mash tun, and Boil kettles
  • Side mounted thermometers on all three kettles
  • Full-height sight glasses mounted to both the HLT and the boil kettle
  • And for oxygenating our wort as it leaves the boil kettle and plate chiller, an inline oxygen stone with stainless tri-clover fittings and a regulator that attaches to a standard welding oxygen tank
  • All welded steel tube frame construction with industrial powder coated finish
  • Aaaaand… the entire thing is mobile!


Fermentor vs. Fermenter

SS Brewtech 1bbl FermentorA sizable contributing factor to beer flavor is the consistency of your fermentation temperature. Huge swings in either direction are not the type of party that yeast want to attend. So being able to dial in your internal temp, no matter what the external temp, is key.

Researching fermentation tanks has taken months (we actually started more than a year ago) and we are close to making a decision. Ss Brewtech offers these beautiful stainless steel 1bbl conical vessels that, although they are not jacketed for glycol, can have both a neoprene jacket applied and a chiller/heater kit attached. Along with a glycol system, we can pump glycol coolant through the internal chiller coil and fight both the external summer temps and the internal heat that active yeast produce.

ss-brewtech03We plan to order these closer to when we have the brewhouse insulated and the brew system tested.

Brew System Ordered!

Ruby Street Brewing Alpha - Good Earth BrewingWe feel like it’s Christmas today…and in 8 weeks, we will graduate from our much-loved 5 gallon system that we have had such great times with, up to a Ruby Street Brewing Alpha 1bbl system (31.5 gallons) that uses 50 gallon SAE 304 stainless steel kettles.

Three great things about this nano/pico brewing system:

  1. It’s movable. As we build out our brew room, initial plans may change and we may need to adjust brew system and fermentation vessel positions.
  2. It’s electric. This means no fumes from propane or natural gas, no open flames, very little chance of scorching wort, and hopefully in the future it will be run mostly through solar panels on the roof.
  3. It’s automated! This does NOT mean we do less work. It actually means we have much better control over mash and boil temperatures, timing, and sparging. And we are allowed more time to focus on sanitation, clarifying the beer, fermentation temp control, and recipe development.

More updates soon!