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Deschutes County Approves This Crazy Idea of Ours

Good Earth Brewing Building Permit Conditional Use PermitAfter way too many trips to the Deschutes County Community Development office, and way too many county employees looking at us with a confused look on their collective faces… they sent us a building / conditional use permit that states the following:

The Deschutes County Planning Division has approved a Conditional Use permit to establish a small brewery operation (“nano-brewery”) as a Type 1 home occupation on a 18.54-acre parcel in the Exclusive Farm Use Zone.

This was only possible because of the engineering documents drawn up by local firm LB Engineering. It’s now time to start building!

Let the engineering…begin!

I might have mentioned that our new septic system has been on hold for months. We received a quote for it, had them dig several test pits, paid the county of Deschutes for a site evaluation, and even passed the evaluation. But as soon as the contractor connected with the county, they discovered that our proposed brewhouse is a structure that was not permitted by the previous owner, so therefore it is not on record.

LB Engineering - Bend, OregonAfter receiving several referrals, multiple quotes, and having one engineering firm bail at the last minute… we chose a highly recommended firm by the name of LB Engineering. Lori and Lennie were out at the farm today for their first visit, which included an up close look at the proposed brewhouse. They have estimated 4-6 weeks for plans to be drawn up, submitted to the county, and for them to be approved.

Government Departments – From A-Z

Deschutes County LogoDeschutes County Department of Community Development
We’ll work with this department to develop a Land Use Application, which states that we want to run a business on a residential piece of property in an Exclusive Farm Use Zone.

Environmental Health Specialist – Department of Environmental Quality
DEQ will help us craft and then approve a wastewater capture and treatment plan.

Oregon Department Environmental QualityEnvironmental Health Supervisor – Department of Community Development
After having a professional advise us on where to install a leach line and septic tank, they will dig test pits on the property. We will then pay for a site evaluation, and someone from this department will come inspect the soil make-up and depth of the pits.

Oregon Department of AgricultureOregon Department of Agriculture – Food Safety Division
This department advises from a bird’s eye view up until we have the Land Use Application being processed, and wastewater treatment, septic system, and brewhouse layout planned. At that point, they will come out for a site visit.

Oregon Liquor Control CommissionOLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission)
An online application must be completed and a license issued before we can produce, store, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade BureauTTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau)
An online Brewer’s Notice application must be completed and a license issued before we can legally produce, store, sell, or serve alcoholic beverages.